Department of Agricultural Systems

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1. Introduction

Department of Agricultural Systems was founded in 2007, formerly named Department of Farming Systems and Extension. Its mission is training, research and agricultural extension. It is composed of four groups:
- Component technology
- Analysis and assessment
- Planning and management
- Agricultural extension
- There are totally 15 staff, including 3 doctors, 3 masters, 6 bachelors and 3 technicians.

Department head: Dr. Nguyen Hong Tin
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2. Education

Department manages educational Program “Agricultural Systems” at Master degree and teaching for program “Rural Development” at Bsc. Msc. And PhD degrees including below courses

- Agricultural system analysis;

- Agricultural project management;

- Agricultural extension;

- Decision support systems in rural development;

- Agricultural land-use planning;

3. Training activities

It offers many training courses for undergraduate, graduate, and local technicians following:

- Adaptive farming systems

- Agricultural extension

- Rural planning and development

- Participatory appraisals

- Participatory Technology development

- Agricultural land suitability assessment and planning

- Community planning for climate change adaptation

3. Research activities

- Agricultural resources (land, water) management

- Climate change and adaptive agricultural systems

- Vulnerability and livelihoods

- Integrated agroforest systems

3.1 Production technology
- Nutrient and energy recycling and reuse in integrated farming systems
- Water saving and use efficiency in integrated farming systems
- Good rice farming practices
- Agricultural systems for poor people

3.2 Analysis and assessment
- Interactions between farming components/subsystems (household levels) and between households (community level) of agricultural systems
- Impacts of technical, environmental and socio-economic factors on households and community
- Development of assessment indicators and methodology

3.3 Planning and management
- Multi-criteria decision making on agricultural systems at household and community level
- Impact assessments of interventions on agricultural systems

3.4 Agricultural extension
- Upgrading capacity of local extension workers and farmers
- Production technology transfer and production organization
- Development of agricultural extension methods.

4. Research collaboration

Local collaboration

- Departments, colleges and schools within Can Tho University

- Southern Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Universities of Agriculture of Vietnam, Provincial Centre of agricultural Extension in the Mekong delta, …

International collaboration

- Wageningen University (Holland), Tokyo University (Japan), Leuven University (Belgium), Bonn University (Germany);

- The Sustainable Mekong Research Network, the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (Belgium), …

5. Research facilities

- A mini-laboratory for soil and water analyses
- An experimental station for integrated agriculture-aquaculture systems at Co Do district, Can Tho city

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