Department Of Socio-Economic And Policy Studies

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I. Introduction
Department of Socio-Economic and Policy Studies was established in 2005, based on Department of Sustainable Natural Resources Management.

II. Function
The Department’s functions are:
(1) To manage and lecture on Rural Development at Bachelor and Master Degrees;
(2) To implement developmental studies in terms of socio-economic and policy in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta;
(3) To provide consultancy for socio-economic development

III. Human Resource
Human resource of the Department consists of 14 members, including 03 Associate Professors, 04 PhD, 05 Masters and 02 Bachelor.
Head of Department: Dr. Le Canh Dung
Vice Head of Department: Dr. Vo Van Tuan
The Department is divided into 4 groups:
(1) Production and Resource Economics led by Dr. Le Canh Dung ( )
(2) Value Chains and Trade led by Associate Professor Vo Thi Thanh Loc ( )
(3) Livelihoods and Adaptation led by Dr. Vo van Tuan ( )
(4) Governance led by Dr. Pham Cong Huu ( )

IV. Research
Production and Resource Economics:
• Natural resources economics
• Ecological economics and Carbon market
• Environmental impacts on agricultural production
• Labour economics
• Corporation economics
Value Chains and Trade:
• Value chains on major agricultural production in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (rice, shrimp, Pangasius, fruits and vegetables)
• Rural market
• Risk management on agricultural business
• Small and medium entrepreneurs development
Livelihoods and Adaptation:
• Poverty alleviation
• Nutrition and food security in the rural areas
• Vulnerability assessment and adaptation to climate change
• Socio-economic and culture of Khmer People
Governance and Policy
• Developmental policy and policy feedbacks
• New rural development models
• “Rural Area –Farmer Policy-Agriculture” development and regional linkages
• Urban governance

V. Consultancy
• Planning for socio-economic development of commune, district, province and regions;
• Employment planning;
• Human resource development planning;
• Planning, monitoring and evaluation for development projects;
• Small and medium entrepreneurs development and management


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