The linkage between education and research is a predominant point of education of the MDI compared to other institutions in Can Tho University. The long history of research has helped the institute to transfer theoretical knowledge into research actions as well as provided studied examples into the theoretical lessons.

The MDI has been assigned to manage educational interdisciplinary majors, including

(1) Bachelor degree of Rural Development

(2) Master degree of Rural Development

(3) Master degree of Agricultural System

(4) Doctoral degree of Rural Development

Research achievements are extracted and selected to build up training programs. The MDI have held short training courses associated with agricultural and rural development for farmers, local staff and other stakeholders.

Major topics of training courses are:

• Participatory plant breeding and variety selection (PPB/PVS);
• Training of trainers (TOT);
• Participatory technology development (PTD);
• Farming Systems Research/Extension (FSR/E);
• Low carbon rice production;
• Packages of techniques for new rural development communes;
• Project planning for adaptation to climate change and socio-economic transformation;
• Techniques in PRA, PPD, PAP, and PME;
• Agricultural cooperatives;
• Farm household economy management;
• Community project development and management skills (CPDMS);
• Agricultural value chains;
• Vulnerability and livelihoods assessment.

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