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"For the prosperity of the Mekong region "
Students search for books and document at the MDI Library
Students do group exercise at MDI Library
Rice Genebank
Staff and students research at the MDI laboratory
MDI staff, foreign partners, and local staff practice in the rice field
Experiment in the rice field
Workshop of Assess Rice Seeds at the rural area

The Mekong Delta Development Research Institute (MDI) is an interdisciplinary training and research organization of Can Tho University (CTU). MDI was established by CTU Decision 269/QÐ-ÐHCT.TCCB on March 24th, 2005 from the Mekong Delta Farming Systems Research and Development Institute


As a unit of Can Tho University, the Mekong Delta Development Research Institute (MDI) is a leading inter-disciplinary centre for applied education and research on rural resources management and socio-economic development in the Mekong region.


Contributing to the common missions of Can Tho University, MDI enables individuals and organizations to most contribute to sustainable rural development and wealthy life of inhabitants in the Mekong region through education, research and development collaborations.

Score values

MDI possesses the common feature of Can Tho University and has its core values as follows:

  • Responsibility: Taking Can Tho University’s spirits, we always commit our own actions to clients with products of highest quality;
  • Collaboration: We, both students and staff, are on the same board and quite approachable to collaborators to fulfill our missions;
  • Concentration: We focus on our objective and action priorities for highest effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Change: Owning future aspirations, we constantly improve our knowledge, attitude and actions to meet our clients’ needs.

Organizational Structure

1. Department of Crop Resources
2. Department of Agricultural Systems
3. Department of Socio-Economic and Policy Studies
4. Research and Training Center for Rural professions


• Training for Rural Development professionals
• BSc, MSc and PhD Programmes in Rural Development
• MSc Programme in Agricultural Systems


The Institute focuses on four research programmes: (1) food security, (2) agricultural resource management, (3) rural development, and (4) climate change adaptation and mitigation. Specific research themes are as follows:
• Crop genetic resources and bio-diversity management
• Rice breeding and sustainable rice farming practices
• Adaptive farming systems and multi-functional agriculture
• Agricultural system planning and management
• Agricultural economics, enterprise economics, and resource economics
• Supply and value chains of key agricultural commodities
• Urbanisation, rural poverty, migration, and gender and ethnicity
• Rural development policies and institutions
• Vulnerability assessment and community-based climate change adaptation planning

Contact Address

Mekong Delta Development Research Institute
Can Tho University Campus 2
3-2 Street,Can Tho, Viet Nam

Tel: 84-292- 3833256 ; Fax: 84-292-3831270
Email:; webmaster:

Mekong Delta Development Research Insitute - Can Tho University
Address: Campus 2, 3/2 Street, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam
Tel: +84-292-3833256 - Fax : +84-292-3831270
Email:; Admin: