Publications for 2009

Nguyen Van Sanh
Study on local community institutions to cope with the flood situation in the Mekong region. SUMERNET, p.1-15.

Nhan, D.K.
Determinants of rice yields and economic returns in the Mekong delta in the period 1995-2006. Scientific Journal of Can Tho University 4, 119-128 (in Vietnamese with English abstract)

Le Canh Dung, C. T. Hoanh, C. Le Page, F. Bousquet and N. Gajaseni.
Facilitating dialogue between aquaculture and agriculture: lessons from role-playing games with farmers in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Water Policy 11 Supplement 1 (2009) 80–93


Publications for 2008

Peer-reviewed Publications

Nhan, D.K., Binh, N.T., Verdegem, M.J.C., Duong, L.T., Milstein, A., Verreth, J.
Economic and nutrient discharge trade-off of excreta-fed aquaculture in the Mekong delta, Vietnam. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 124, 259-269.


Nhan, D.K., Verdegem, M.J.C., Milstein, A., Verreth, J. 
Water and nutrient budgets of ponds in integrated agriculture–aquaculture systems in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.


N.H.Cuc, Pompe C. Sta. Cruz, Teresita H. Borromeo, Jose E. Hernandez and H.Q.Tin
Rice seed supply systems and production in the Mekong Delta. Asia Life Sciences 17 (1): 1-20, 2008.

Huynh Quang Tin , Paul C. Struik, Lisa L. Price and Tran T. Be
Comparative analysis of local and improved practices used by farmer seed production schools in Vietnam. Field Crops Research (Accepted 26 May 2008).

Võ Văn Tuấn , Ranjula Bali Swain, Nguyễn Văn Sánh.
Microfinance and Poverty Reduction in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. African and Asian Studies 7 (2008) 191 – 215.

Working papers - Unpublished reports

Dung, L.C., Thanh, D.N. and Sanh, N.V.
Impact of Urbanization on Livelihood and Policy Implication: Case Study in Long Tuyen Ward, Can Tho City. In “Sustainable Rural Development: Land Policies Rural Development”. Agricultural Publishing House, Ha Noi.

Tuan, V.V., Dung, L.C., Sanh, N.V., Thanh, D.N.
Livelihoods of Landless Rural Households in the Down Stream Flooding Area in the Mekong Delta. In “Sustainable Rural Development: Land Policies Rural Development”. Agricultural Publishing House, Ha Noi.

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